Welcome to the Camp Thunderbird Registration page

This year (2019), camp runs from the evening of Wed July 3 through the morning of Mon July 8.

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Please sign in to register or view your registration. If you don't have a Thunderbird account for the current year, you can sign up for one right now! (Note that accounts are not retained from year to year, so you must create a new account in order to register for camp.)


All registrations are considered final as of one week prior to camp and will not be refunded except in extreme circumstances such as hospitalization.

If you have difficuly registering, please email the registrar at tbird@uuelpaso.org

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Important news

Starting in 2017, Camp Thunderbird requires pre-payment of all camp fees one week prior to our arrival at camp. Therefore, UUCEP now charges a $20 late fee for payments received after June 15, rather than charging a late fee for registrations received after June 1. If you pay by check, your camp fee check will be cashed prior to June 30.

UUCEP is now able to accept on-line payments via PayPal. This allows us to charge your PayPal account (if you have one) or your credit card, for your registration and/or camp fees. You don't need a PayPal account to pay on-line -- just use the "Don't have a PayPal account?" button when you are sent to the PayPal checkout page. If you pay your entire balance during the on-line-registration process, you will receive a 5% discount. Please note that you will receive the discount only if you pay the entire balance, including registration and camp fees, using PayPal prior to the payment deadline of June 15.

A note about fees

There are two kinds of fees that we charge for Camp Thunderbird:
  1. Registration fees

    This fee is $25.00 for each person age 16 or over attending camp. It does not depend on how long a person will stay at camp; it is just a flat fee that we charge for processing the registration. This fee covers UUCEP's costs for handling the registration process, providing financial assistance to campers who might not otherwise be able to afford to attend camp, and coordinating with the Camp Thunderbird staff. It is non-refundable. Registration fees will also be charged for children under 16 who are attending camp unaccompanied by a responsible adult.
  2. Camp fees

    This is the amount charged by Camp Thunderbird itself to host us and provide services. For 2019, the cost is $54.00 per day for adults, and $27.00 per day for children 10 and under. For partial days, we charge $18.00 "per meal" ($9.00 per meal for children). Therefore, if an adult stayed for one entire day plus breakfast on a second day, their total fee would be $72.00.

    Camp fees are refundable up to one week prior to the beginning of camp. Contact the registrar at tbird@uuelpaso.org to request a refund. No refunds will be given for camp fees after one week prior to the beginning of camp.

    If you are registered for a particular meal, the camp will charge us for that meal. Therefore, fees cannot be changed or reduced if a camper happens not to be present at a meal for which they are registered - you cannot expect a refund just because you didn't arrive at camp as early as you planned, for example.

Paying for your registration

Complete payment instructions will be available when you complete your registration. If you choose to pay by check, rather than using PayPal, the following conditions apply.

Registration fees are due at the time of registration, and will be deposited upon receipt.

A check covering camp fees is also due at the time of registration. However, that check will not be cashed until June 15. If you provide advance notice of a change in the length of your stay, you can send a new check before that date and the registrar will destroy the one you sent with your registration. However, if you do not provide advance notice, or if you forget to write a new check with the correct camp fees, the check you sent with your registration will be cashed.

This policy has changed in 2017. Previously, checks for camp fees would be cashed after the end of camp. However, starting in 2017, Camp Thunderbird requires camp fees to be pre-paid one week prior to camp, and we are not able to do so if campers do not pre-pay their camp fees.